The best way to naturally burn upper body fat is to eat healthy and perform cardio exercises that torch excess body fats.

In today’s workout video, I have compiled these upper body exercises that don’t require you to use any gym equipment. These are body-weight exercises, specifically cardio and strength exercises,!

Aim to workout at least once a day everyday if you really want to see results fast. Good luck and let’s begin the exercise! ❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:20 Arm Crossovers
01:11 Rest
01:33 Arm Circles
02:24 Rest
02:46 Shoulder Circles
03:37 Rest
03:59 Arm Crossovers
04:50 Rest
05:12 Arm Circles
06:03 Rest
06:25 Shoulder Circles
07:16 Rest
07:58 Overhead Reach
08:47 Rest
09:09 Downward Punches
10:00 Rest
10:22 Punches
11:13 Rest
11:35 Overhead Reach
12:24 Rest
12:46 Downward Punches
13:37 Rest
13:59 Punches
14:50 Rest
15:32 Pike Push Ups
16:21 Rest
16:43 Tricep Dip Kicks
17:36 Rest
17:58 Pike Push Ups
18:47 Rest
19:09 Push Ups
19:59 Rest
20:21 Plank Press Back
21:09 Rest
21:31 Push Ups
22:21 Rest
22:43 Plank Press Back

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