Discussion – Mental Health Survey among healthcare professionals

It comes as no surprise that nurses are facing great amount of stress at work and this results to many of them throughout the UK to totally burn out. Prolonged stress levels cause the body to become overworked and can also lead to more serious health problems such as depression and insomnia. Naturally this is bad for both healthcare workers and their patients as it causes a drop in the level of patient care standards. A 2018 study by NHS Digital has found that more than 33,000 nurses walked away last year –  this is 20% more leavers since 2012/2013 – meaning there are now more leavers than joiners in the field. In our survey we found out that a big number of the healthcare workforce suffers from mental health issues.

In the below image you can see some of the key findings of our survey:

There’s nothing easy about nursing and healthcare. It takes great strength, determination and selflessness to do the work nurses and healthcare workers do that on a daily basis. Our survey reveals that 91% of the workforce find their job rewarding. Despite the difficulties people that get into this profession are willing to help make their corner a better place on and off the job and achieving this can be more rewarding than any 9-5 job!

Here at JobMedic.co.uk, we’re proud to say we work with a number of outstanding healthcare organisations, who are continuously trying to achieve positive work environments for their staff and promote their health and well-being as a top priority. If you’d like to see what job roles they currently have to offer, start browsing our extensive database here today: www.jobmedic.co.uk!

If you’re interested you can view the full results of our Mental Health Issues survey here!

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