Survey Results – Mental Health Survey among healthcare professionals held a big survey around mental health issues among healthcare professionals asking 500 workers in the industry about their own experience.


More than half (56%) of the healthcare professionals admitted to be constantly, or sometimes struggling emotionally at their workplace.

Yes, all the time 13%
Yes, sometimes 43%
Yes, every now and then 26%
No 19%

Also more than 50% of the healthcare professionals facing mental health issues get support from family and co-workers.

Co-workers 58%
HR/Psychological support provided by my
Family 52%
Friends 34%
Online forums 5%
Nobody 13%

Sadly 42% of the professionals admitted that they don’t have enough psychological assistance from their employer.

Not surprisingly 39% admitted their health has deteriorated as a direct result of their job.

Yes 39%
No 54%
Don’t know 7%

Moreover 42% admitted to had have to take time off from their role because of their mental health well-being.

Yes, regularly 7%
Yes, on more than one occasion 17%
Yes, once before 18%
No, but I’ve wanted to 20%
No, never 39%

And 45% would advice somebody against a career in the healthcare industry due to mental stress it causes.

Consequently 86% of the respondents think that the healthcare industry needs to do more to support workers’ mental health.

Although 50% of the healthcare employees answered that their job is rewarding enough to worth the pressure they’re under.

My job is rewarding enough so it’s worth the pressure 50%
The pressure of my job gets to me 31%
My job isn’t worth the pressure I’m under 11%
None of the above 9%

Additionally 47% of the respondents answered that their job is more rewarding than most jobs outside healthcare.

More rewarding 47%
Less rewarding 20%
The same 25%
I don’t know 9%

Also 87% of the healthcare workers answered that they have a meaningful, touching moment quite often at their work.

Daily 27%
At least once a week 41%
A few times a month 19%
Rarely 12%
Never 1%

Surprisingly 91% answered that overall they find their job rewarding.

And 78% would encourage others to consider a job in the healthcare profession.

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