The daily touching moments outbalance the stress at work!

Mental Health Survey

A mental health survey by JobMedic found that although almost half of healthcare workers struggled with the emotionally straining aspect of their job, 41% had meaningful, touching moments at least once a week, and 27% experienced these daily.

The survey also found that the two biggest drives for people working in
healthcare was the knowledge that they were helping others and making a
positive impact.

I found these results really interesting
because they completely sum up why people continue to work in healthcare.
Generally, you only hear in the media negative comments about working in
healthcare, that people struggle with the long shifts, the low staffing levels
and the large workload. But rarely do you hear about these meaningful, touching
moments that make you want to sing from the rooftops and smile the whole drive
home. Negative statements unfortunately make much better headlines, but they
don’t portray the whole truth about being a healthcare worker.

Meaningful, touching moments can be different for every healthcare workers, but these are the moments that make it worth getting up early and going to bed late for. They drive you to keep going and be the best healthcare professional you can be. Most people decide to pursue a career in healthcare because they wanted to help people, and you do that everyday in a healthcare job. You truly feel like you are making a positive impact, especially every time someone says thank you and expresses how grateful they are for the care you have given them at such a difficult time in their life.

There really is no other feeling like it, so these are some examples of meaningful, touching moments that have meant a lot to me during my career.

Personal Touching Moments

  • When patients have hugged me goodbye and said thank you just as they are about to leave to go home – there’s no better feeling than seeing a family go home together with their new baby after you’ve cared for them through the difficulties of bringing a new baby into the world. Knowing you’ve made a difference to their experience is really rewarding .
  • Receiving thank you cards and commendations – getting a card from a patient is really nice as it’s something you can keep forever. I have all of my thank you cards and patient commendations in one place and I look back at them if I’ve had a particularly tough day.
  • When patients return with their babies when they’re much older – it’s really lovely to see babies you’ve delivered when they’ve grown up, it makes you feel really appreciated that the families want to come back and show you how well they are all doing.

The list is endless of the rewarding
moments you experience as a healthcare worker. If you work in healthcare, it’s
really good to reflect on these meaningful moments, so after a tough shift, jot
down some of your favourite memories. If you’d like to work in healthcare, have
a think about how these moments might make you feel and let this drive you to
pursue your dream job in healthcare.

Love Lottie x

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