What Are We Always Rushing?

What Are We Always Rushing?

What Are We Always Rushing?

Rush rush rush rush.. always rushing. My expansion challenge hasn’t fully stopped my “rushing” problem but it’s certainly been shifting what I choose to fill my day with and it’s creating a massive awareness for me around things

Why are we always rushing?

What are we rushing for?

What are the things we are prioritizing? Do they get us to our actual life goals or just a to do list completion? What would happen if we didn’t cram things together all the time lol? Would the world end?

And more importantly WHY do we rush?

Yesterday was like most of my days. Jammed. Work, errands, my daughters voice session, more errands, more work, appointments. And… I was rushing.

And… the day was winding down and I still had to figure out what and when I’d fit in an expansion for day 25

So here it was 5:30. Had picked my daughter up from voice (rushing lol) then needed to get through traffic to get to church at 6:30 (rushing) AND- I found myself annoyed. Ugh… another “thing” to cram in…

Then I reminded myself of my intention behind this expansion challenge. And I shifted. I decided to stop by a fast restaurant, pick up a dinner for us to go, and detour 5 minutes off route to enjoy the sunset with my daughter at the beach. It was a 5 minute drive detour, and just 15 minutes at the beach BUT we had fun chatting and connecting and we created the time. It ended up being the best part of my day. Those 15 minutes of being ultra present. We were still on time to our next stop and totally feeling re set, re charged and expanded.

You see I realize that the goal isn’t to just squeeze more in

The goal is to make better use of the time we do have. The utilize and appreciate it more.

And that is what this expansion challenge for me has been mostly about.

Prioritizing what’s ACTUALLY important.

JOY, CONNECTION, LEARNING and more experiences.


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