Why Do We Stop Creating?

Why Do We Stop Creating?

Why Do We Stop Creating?

WHY DO WE STOP CREATING? As kids we CREATE… we paint, we color, we draw, we dance, we sing, we splash, we twirl and more WITHOUT fearing judgement.

We do it to be present, to have fun, to express ourselves.

And then somehow as we “grow up” the majority of us stop.

Why do we stop? I’d say because we think we “don’t have time” but I don’t think that’s the real answer. I think it’s because we believe we are “not very good at it” and we start caring about the opinions of others.

So we STOP what we once enjoyed and justify that with “it is not my talent” and “I do not have time”

One of the breakthroughs I’ve had during my 30 day expansion challenge is how important JOY, CREATIVITY without an agenda, connection with others and being super present is. DAILY.

For day 21 we PAINTED.

We laughed, we made a mess and we CREATED.

Our “masterpieces” will be ready in a few days.


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